Big Data Hadoop Analytics Course Training

Big Data Hadoop Analytics Course Training

Big Data Hadoop Course

Big Data Hadoop is an open source software framework designed for storing and quick processing of humongous amounts of data across several computers. It has the ability of returning net searches at break neck speeds by distributing information and processing across multiple nodes and achieving several jobs in parallel to each other. This concept has been employed by several giant corporations like Google to their advantage.

Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella developed the Big Data structure as part of their research called as the 'Nutch' Project. After Cutting joined Yahoo in 2006, the Nutch Project paved the way for Hadoop which was named after Cutting's son, Toy elephant. It was unveiled by Yahoo in 2008 as an open source framework which today is managed by Apache Software Foundation (ASF), a non profit worldwide alliance of software developers and contributors. Fundamental know how of Java and superior analytical skills are prerequisites for the course certification.

The Big Data buzz is getting bigger day by day with certified hadoopers becoming the most sought after employees in Fortune companies who have to process and analyse huge amounts of unstructured data and information. With upbeat investments and technology hiring in the analytics domain,Big Data stands to gain tremendous growth. eAvighna Online Private Ltd, a Gurgaon Delhi NCR based training and certification company brings forth a comprehensive course in Big Data which would cover all the relevant components such as PIG, Hive, Hbase, Zookeeper, Oozie, MapReduce etc.

The course training would be supported with ample lab exercise sessions as well as industry specific projects that would equip the participants to work in the Big Data environment in an efficient way by getting hands on with various modules. eAvighna's sector 14, Gurgaon institute boasts expert faculties and state of the art infrastructure which aids in providing an enhanced learning experience.

Who Should Attend?

eAvighna has designed its Big Data Hadoop course for Java developers, Architects and professionals working in the data management, data warehousing and business intelligence domains. This course is also suitable for graduates and any other individual who wants to pursue a career in Big Data analytics by developing a good base of the Hadoop architecture.

Big Data Hadoop Benefits

Many learning benefits can be accrued from the Big Data course such as conceptual proficiency regarding Hadoop framework and its set up in a cluster surrounding, ability to write intricate MapReduce programs, learning about scripting structures such as PIG and Hive as well as advanced concepts such as Hbase, Zookeeper and Sqoop, getting hands on experience in varied configurations of Hadoop cluster, its optimisation and problem resolution etc.

The Big data course would enable an individual to land up a job as Data Scientist, Hadoop Developer, Hadoop Architect or Hadoop Tester.

Many globally renowned companied have invested billions of dollars on data management and analytics therein increasing job opportunities for Hadoop certified professionals.

Certified Big data professionals earn more than their non certified peers and have good career growth prospects.

The Hadoop certification enables a professional to switch to one industry or role of choice.

Big Data Hadoop Course Outline

  • Introduction to Hadoop and Big Data

  • HDFS: Hadoop Distributed File System

  • MapReduce

  • Pig

  • Hive


  • Flume