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CHFI Course Training Certification

CHFI Certification Course

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation (CHFI) can be defined as a method of identifying hacking assails and crime reporting through methodical mining of evidence as well as conducting periodic checks to avert future exigencies. It involves application of computer examination and security methods in order to ascertain a legal substantiation and can be employed in several system related crimes such as theft of trade secrets and intellectual property, online frauds etc. The CHFI can draw from a pool of techniques to cull out information from a computer including tracing difficult information such as deleted or encrypted data.

In today's world of cut throat competition, the need for businesses to go global requiring the need for more integration and communication has exposed them to the new world of cyber criminals. Organisations today need to tackle cyber crimes in a proactive manner by identifying, tracking and impeaching the online imposters.

eAvighna Online Private Ltd, a Gurgaon – Delhi NCR based training and certification company offers to train the students in the requisite tools and techniques of computer forensics so as to identify and collect the necessary proof to prosecute the said offenders

The CHFI certification training would be conducted at eAvighna's training institute located in sector 14, Gurgaon. The training offers comprehensive courseware that includes the latest tools pertaining to software, hardware and niche scientific investigation techniques. The CHFI certification training is based on the core theme of securing and scrutinising of electronic evidence in the wake of any discrepancies and criminal cases.

The five day training program includes the CHFI (312- 49) online Prometric exam which would be conducted on the last day of the course training. On successful passing of the exam, students would be awarded the EC Council certified CHFI certification.

Who Should Attend?

The CHFI program is developed for IT professionals working in Information System Security, Computer Forensics and Incident Response Domains.

CHFI Certification Benefits

Gaining the CHFI certification has benefits for both the professional as well as his organisation. Some of such benefits are enlisted below:

The CHFI course offers a methodical approach to computer investigation and scrutiny of evidence.

This course empowers students with real time skills regarding various scientific tools and techniques to scrutinise computers, leading to prosecution of the cyber criminals.

The CHFI course includes all aspects pertaining to cyber crime including legal routes and prosecution details therein protecting businesses as well as individuals against all the facets of cyber crimes.

CHFI Course Outline

  • EC Council has released the below enlisted courseware:
  • Computer Forensics in Today’s World & Its Investigation Process
  • Searching and Seizing Computers
  • Digital Evidence
  • First Responder Procedures
  • Computer Forensics Lab
  • Understanding Hard Discs and File Systems
  • Windows Forensics
  • Data Acquisition and Duplication
  • Recovering Deleted Files and Deleted Partitions
  • Forensics Investigation using AccessData FTK & EnCase
  • Steganography and Image File Forensics
  • Application Password Crackers
  • Log Capturing and Event Correlation
  • Network Forensics, Investigating Logs and Investigating Network Traffic
  • Investigating Wireless Attacks
  • Investigating Web Attacks
  • Tracking Emails and Investigating Email Crimes
  • Mobile Forensics
  • Investigative Reports
  • Becoming an Expert Witness