LPT Training Course In Gurgaon

LPT Course Training

LPT Training Course In Gurgaon

The Licensed Penetration Tester exam involves report writing skills as penetration testing engagement majorly revolves around writing and reporting of key findings of the engagement to the client. Reporting a complex finding of the engagement to people with non technical background forms the basis of the EC- Council LPT exam. On completion of the ECSA course, the candidate performs a penetration test of a dummy organisation which illustrates an intricate network of a real life MNC on the EC- Council’s cyber range. The candidates then write a report based on the findings to EC- Council. These written reports of each candidate are then scrutinised by an EC-Council accredited penetration tester and an LPT credential is awarded upon clearing the candidate’s application.

This licence validates a candidate’s ability to execute a methodological security assessment and serves as a gateway to join the EC-Council’s prestigious group of professionals holding LPT credentials therein serving as a platform to display skills and gain chances of partaking in Penetration Testing assignments globally.

EC-Council’s LPT framework incorporates the positives of other frameworks into one credential and unlike other frameworks is available to the public. .

To get the LPT license, the candidate has to acquire the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) Certification. The candidates should also ensure that they have a legit EC-Council Continuing Education account with recent and relevant EC- Council certifications. The candidates have to clear an online practical exam conducted over EC- Council’s iLabs platform. The minimal age to qualify for LPT license exam is 18 years.

We at eAvighna Online Private Ltd offer comprehensive course training for the ECSA program and subsequently train students in writing reports pertaining to key findings of testing engagements. Our Gurgaon – Delhi/ NCR located training institute is well equipped to accommodate varied training requirements in the IT field.

Who Should Attend?

The license exam is undertaken by candidates upon acquiring the ECSA certification.

Big Data Hadoop Benefits

Many benefits can be accrued from the LPT credential. Some of the benefits are listed below:

Serves as a powerful endorsement for a penetration testing professional to gain worldwide exposure through testing assignments and consulting at a global level.

Ensures industry acceptance as a legit and authorised information security professional.

Ensures right to use proprietary EC-Council learning tools and penetration testing procedures..

Ensures that one can work and perform security testing in organisations recognised by EC-Council.

Helps in gaining knowledge through real time penetration testing procedures and practices.

Big Data Hadoop Course Outline

  • Introduction to Hadoop and Big Data

  • HDFS: Hadoop Distributed File System

  • MapReduce

  • Pig

  • Hive


  • Flume